The #iRecallers

(It seems worthwhile to re-publish this post, first published in 2012, now that the Tahrir Square gave cause to another Government bite the dust)

The Euro-Arab Spring that pollinate revolts from Tunis to Paris is the ultimate offspring of the Tech-Revolution: The Isegoric Recall.

#IsegoricRecall is how I call the form of change in government by way of non-institutional direct democracy mediated by social media. #IsegoricRecall is what happened in Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Tunisia, and now erupts in Spain, France and Greece. #IsegoricRecall has been catapulted from social distress to mass movement by force of interaction through social media.

#IsegoricRecall is showing to be a disarchist, leaderless movement carried on by the strenght of vocalized equality provided and fed by social media.

#IsegoricRecall is disarchist in the sense that it is against an extant govern, not govern itself (not “anarchist”)They show they are in power, regaining the sometimes quasi-mythical popular origin of the mandate conceded to those ruling a country. Their power is that of simply stopping.

The process of recall is ordinarily based on the rule of law and has to follow certain proceedings; whereas the #IsegoricRecall is shapeless and built up off the rule of law, by the ultimate rulers – the people exerting their right to speak at the agora, on the quintessential public environment: the squares.

From this moment on, if the people stop on, governments step down.


Caio Leonardo

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